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The Free Online Psychic Training Videos series is meant to: 1) Help your learn more about what we currently know with regard to "Psychic Ability", 2) To provide a means to clarify what each of the various psychic abilities are, 3) To Learn how you can work to develop those abilities (and many others) within your own life, 4) To dispel the misinterpretations and misconceptions that are commonly discussed with regard to the various Psychic Abilities in general, and - most importantly - 5) To begin the process of surpassing the "Psychic Abilities" in favor of finding something much more powerful, usable, and real. Something that can not happen until we are willing to move beyond the limitations imposed by the concept of "Psychic" itself.

The Free Online Psychic Training Videos:

01) Why Making Psychic Videos?
Explains why we decided to put the time and effort into creating the video series.
02) What Is Psychic Ability?
Explains what exactly "PSYCHIC ABILITY" is... both in definition and in practice.
03) How To Know If You Have Psychic Ability
Helps you understand how to find and develop your own individual psychic talents and abilities - whatever they may be.
04) Why Psychic Tests Don't Work
Helps you understand why the various psychic tests used up to this point in time don't actually work and why.
05) The Power Of Perception
Talks about the problems generally associated with perception, and ways to deal with them in regards to developing psychic ability.
06) Secret To Unlocking Psychic Ability
Helps you understand the secret to unlocking your own psychic ability and so much more...
07) The Power Of Creativity
Helps you understand the impact that creativity has on our lives and how important it really is... especially as it affects development of Psychic Abilities.
08) Things Should Know Before Begin
Helps ensure that you have all the information and knowledge needed before we proceed further in the FOPTV series.

09) Notes About Energy Building
Helps provide you with all the information and knowledge needed to fully understand the ins and outs of building energy. As well as insights related to how it works etc.
10) Self Energy Building Exercises
Gives you some tools, techniques, and games to help you learn to build your energy. This video focuses on those exercises that you can do all by yourself.
11) Group Energy Building Exercises
Gives you some tools, techniques, and games to help you learn to build your energy with other people - both individuals and groups.
12) Healing And Psychic Ability
Gives you a solid understanding of the role healing can play in psychic development - and helps you better understand healing in general.
13) Deeper Insights Into Psychic Ability
Gives you some important key elements before delving into the abilities themselves and works to ensure your success in developing your own talents - whatever they may be.
14) Special - DevonK's Abilities
Helps you learn some interesting things about ideas like "motive" - while also letting you know about what the host's (DevonK) individual abilities are.

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Developing Abilities Videos:

15) Intro To Developing Psychic Abilities
Ensures you have all the tools for success when it comes to learning how to develop the various psychic abilities.
16a) Intuition - Pt 01
16b) Intuition - Pt 02
Teaches you about Intuition - what it is, how it works, and how you can work to develop it in your own life.

17) Clairvoyance
Teaches you about Clairvoyance - a very misunderstood topic that many people use as a label that has nothing to do with the ability itself.
18) Clairaudience
Teaches you about Clairaudience - a misunderstood ability that can open doors to some interesting option when we truly learn to develop it.
19) Clairgustatorus & Clairolfactus
Teaches you about Clairgustatorus and Clairolfactus - both are often overlooked abilities that can add some very interesting depth to your life in general.
20) Clairtactilus
Teaches you about Clairtactilus - the last of the sense based abilities and one that can also help to understand some of the other things that happen in life... such as aches and pains etc.
21a) Using Playing Cards Pt 01
21b) Using Playing Cards Pt 02
Teaches you how to use playing cards in order to develop all five of the sense based abilities, as well as intuition.
22a) Making & Using Flash Cards Pt 01
22b) Making & Using Flash Cards Pt 02
Teaches you all about making your own custom psychic flash cards - how to create the pieces, to assemble them, and how to use them.
23) Using Pictures
Video Never Completed
24) Using Recipe Cards & Envelopes
Teaches you about using tools such as recipe cards and envelopes to assist in your psychic development.
25a) Making & Using Wire Frame Pt 01
25b) Making & Using Wire Frame Pt 02
Teaches you about how to hand-craft your very own wire frame using items around the house - along with how to use it.
26) Empathy
Teaches you about Empathy, how to use it, how to develop it, and how to control it. Something that is very important as it can be overwhelming when it can't be controlled.
27) Receptivity
Teaches you about Receptivity and how to develop it. This is its own unique ability and offers more than you may imagine.
28) Clairsentience
Teaches you about what Clairsentience is really all about. It is also currently the single most misunderstood all of the Psychic Abilities.

29) Premonition & Precognition
Coming Soon
30) Psychic Dreams
Coming Soon
31) Psychometry
Coming Soon
32) Medium-Ship
Coming Soon
33) Telepathy
Coming Soon
34) Tele-Linguistics
Coming Soon
35) Mental Projection
Coming Soon
36) Telekinesis
Coming Soon
37) Technokinesis
Coming Soon