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We Need Your Help!

The entire FOPTV series is provided free of charge for anyone to watch on YouTube or here on in the Psychic Videos Section. However, if you would like to keep this all free (and growing) - we need your help.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to make these videos - Not to mention the initial cost of the equipment needed to make them happen too. All of which was done and paid for by the creator, host, etc. DevonK. Plus, is offered without cost or payment to those who benefit from watching the videos.

If you, or anyone you know has received any benefit from watching these videos then please take a moment to help us keep things going. It doesn't require any significant contributions or effort to make a difference. Your contributions can be financial - even just $1.00 can make a difference. They can also be promotional - by helping to spread the word about the videos and the FOPTV website.

What may seem like a small thing to some can make all the difference in the world!

Please Note: Each individual video clip requires an average of about seven to ten hours to make. This includes everything from recording the raw video, transcribing the spoken words, assembling the videos, adding text elements to the video, editing and proofreading, and uploading the videos to the internet, etc. (not including the actual time required to upload the videos), The FOPTV series, as it sits at the moment, consists of "40" individual videos... which together represent about 350+ hours of work - all of which was done without any financial support or sponsorship.

Truthfully, the videos were not created to make money - they were created to help people learn more about themselves and the various psychic abilities. However, in the modern world everything costs money - from the hosting of this website, internet access, and more. As such, we really do need your help in order to keep everything going.

Anything you can do to help does make a difference!

Thank You!