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What Is The FOPTV Series All About?
History Of The FOPTV Series
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What Is The FOPTV Series All About?

The FOPTV series is a unique series of video clips that together create an entire Free Online Psychic Training Video series (FOPTV). It has been provided to give everyone who wants to learn a place from which to explore their own unique potential. As the FOPTV series unfolds, it provides everything you need from foundation material all the way to techniques to help you develop each individual ability. To get the most out of this series it is highly recommended that you watch the videos in the order they were created (see numbers in the info of each video for actual order).

It's also important to remember that we are all unique Individuals. As such, we naturally all have different skills and abilities. That means that each person here will have different levels of success with each individual ability. It's only those lying and trying to sell you a product that will tell you differently. If in doubt, look to your own life and the skills and abilities you currently possess... are they exactly the same as everyone else? These kinds of skills and abilities are no different than any other... though we often like to think they are somehow "beyond" all the others.

In truth, developing skills and abilities of this nature for real is not a simple and easy process. As with all skills and abilities in general, it takes time and practice to get good at them. Don't be discouraged if you don't succeed right away. Understand, it actually took years for you to be able to master walking, even though you likely don't remember all the effort involved. Compared to that, would it be reasonable to expect to master these more complex skills by putting in less effort than it took to learn how to walk?

Please also note that if and when you feel ready, it's also recommended that you share your experiences and ideas with others... both here and on the FOPTV YouTube Channel. Only by sharing our experiences and discoveries with others can we work to expand our understanding of these skills and abilities. Currently we only know a very small amount of what we can do... or more importantly how it all works. Only through time and experience can we hope to expand on that knowledge. That is after all one of the main reasons that this series was created.

Lastly, there is another channel on YouTube called MindMunchies that you should check out as well. The information there is meant to add depth to the skills presented here. Only by working to truly know yourself will you be able to truly unlock the abilities that reside within you... both the "Psychic" and "Non-Psychic" ones.
Best of luck in your journey!

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History Of The FOPTV Series

The FOPTV series began in early October 2007 when the presenter (DevonK), realized he had a great opportunity to share some information through YouTube. The very first series of videos that he produced consisted of about ten or so videos. Of which only about six were actually created and uploaded to YouTube. As soon as they were up, DevonK realized that they could have been better than what they were. He realized there was an opportunity to do a lot more so he scrapped work on this original series and began working on a second.

This new second series was not fully defined when DevonK began to work on them. He had a rough outline of what he wanted to talk about, but not really much more than that. However, after creating the first eight individual video clips, DevonK realized again that he was still not fully utilizing the opportunity that YouTube presented . So he deleted the original first series and began working on a third series... which was later to be called "FOPTV".

This final series is the one that you see here and all over the internet today. However, DevonK also decided to keep the second series of eight videos. All of which are still up on YouTube; labelled as "Old" to separate them from the newer FOPTV works. DevonK decided that since some of the topics presented in the "Old" series would not be discussed in the new FOPTV series, he left them up so people could still view them.

In the end, the FOPTV series itself went through some back and forth as kinks were ironed out and ideas were formalized. However, in the end, DevonK decided to pull out all the stops and turn the FOPTV series into a major project. One that in the end consists of approximately eight hours of video and around 60 individual video clips.

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Learn More About The Host - DevonK

Aside from being the creator and host of the FOPTV series, DevonK is also the creator and founder of the Tao-Te-Chi Healing System, Tao-Te-Chi Academy of Advanced Human Studies, and the Silverwolf Reiki System (predecessor of Tao-Te-Chi itself). He is also credited with being a Certified Master Healer / Instructor, Spiritual Guide, and many more.

As was said in FOPTV Video #14 his skills and abilities include being an Intuitive Empathic Receptive Clairsentient. What this essentially means is that DevonK's gifts focus first and foremost around information, learning, and understanding. It is this gift that has allowed him to create all that he has and to help people from all over the world better understand themselves.

All of the work that DevonK does is focused around one central theme... helping people learn more about themselves; what it is that they can do, what they really are inside, and much, much more. To him, being able to truly embrace one's own life is the most important thing there is. Without that ability, we are far too prone to "living in neural", "living unconsciously", "living on autopilot", or simply not living our lives to their actual fullest potential.

To fully understand DevonK's understanding of the world around us, be sure to check out the YouTube channel dedicated to MindMunchies... one of DevonK's most proud achievements. As time progresses this channel will continue to grow and evolve... so be sure to check in every now and again to see what's been happening.

As a side note, here are some of DevonK's most commonly used, and favourite sayings:

  • Life is what you make of it!
  • You can not do for others what you first cannot do for yourself!
  • Everything does happen for a reason... even if we currently don't know what it is!
  • Issues are like vampires, once they see the light of day there's not much left of them!

Thank You and Good Luck In Your Own Journey!